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Get Involved

At the moment it’s not safe for us to go door to door and campaign. We need to think creatively and work differently. 
Here are some ways you can help Maree get her message out on the run up to the Scottish Parliament election on the 6th of May:


1. Do you own a field on the roadside where you can display a banner?
Get in touch and we’ll arrange for one to be sent to you. 
2. Do you own a shop or premises where you can display a poster? 
Click the downloadable file below to print off at home. Alternatively, send an email to have one sent to you by post.
3. Display window posters/car stickers
Click the downloadable file below to print off at home.
4. Update your headers/cover photos on Facebook & Twitter 
Click the downloadable file below.
5. Send in a minute long video testimonial.
Please include the reasons why you’re voting for Maree or why you’re using both your votes to vote SNP.
6. Encourage your friends and family to sign up for a postal vote ahead of the election.

Please share this link as widely as possible: 

7. Like, comment and share Maree’s social media content to help expand our reach.
8. Do you know any undecided voters in Caithness, Sutherland & Ross?
Ask them to get in touch to arrange an appointment with Maree. Click here for more info.
9. Persuade your friends & family to attend Maree’s virtual meetings.
10. Donate to Maree’s crowdfunder.
No matter how big or small, donating to Maree’s campaign will go a long way in helping her get her message across. Donate here.


Please get in touch by emailing to arrange or discuss any of the above. We would also love to hear any ideas you may have to help us campaign in this new, digital landscape!